hdmi kvm extender 50m – FJ-HKV50


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hdmi kvm extender 50m – FJ-HKV50


1. Computer remote control operation, display, widely used

2. Plug-and-play, adaptive resolution

3. 50M non-delay transmission, more convenient decoration wiring, saving decoration costs
4. Support Resolution 1920X 1080, high-definition resolution, picture details clearly displayed
5. Support Panoramic Sound 6.1 channel synchronous transmission, Dolby AC3, DTS, DSD
6. With USB2.0 interface, through the keyboard/mouse, remote control signal source remote control signal source
7. 7x 24-hour uninterrupted work, engineering-level stability, long-term continuous work, installation monitoring
8. Clear conversion, restore high-definition image quality, using high-quality video transmission chip, formation fine gain compensation, to avoid transmission interference, video wear clear without delay
9. Cable specifications: CAT5E/6 type cable
10. Transmission distance: 50 meters
11. HDMI cable length: input terminal is less than or equal to 5 meters, display terminal is less than or equal to 5 meters
12. Power: 5V 1A
13. Purpose: security monitoring line
14. Resolution: 1920X 1080P/60Hz
15. Size: 7 x 6.3 x 2.3 cm

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hdmi kvm extender 50m - FJ-HKV50


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