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The prototype of FIFINE K669B, but it is far more than a straight copy

  • The same fool-proof installation on Mac, Windows and PS4. The same time-efficient setup with Discord, Twitch and OBS!
  • Though you may not necessarily need the same sort of compatibility with iPhone & iPad through a USB adapter, because it is the lord who should stay in your studio!
  • All-metal body with sleek black finish shows the same bloodline from all FIFINE USB microphone series.
  • The appearance is the same, the performance is not day and night difference, but still noticeable.
  • The included accessories functions more than decoration to make studio look professional
  • The boom arm stand gives the flexibility to swing around, it is not going to get in your way to have a successful podcast.
  • You definitely want to get the mic off the ground, it is less likely to absorb the noise of object movement on the desk and closer to the mouth the much better!
  • The pop filter is not even close to poor relation of the whole package, dual layers reject p noise well while the clamp is given much consideration to fix firmly.
  • The detachable cable is a small improvement, but there is leap in sound quality
  • It it going to take on load of microphone bundle competitors, but none of them could stop it from claiming the crown.
  • Its predecessor has long and good record of being an all-rounder and wins the praise from gamers, podcastors or even music producers.
  • The compliment will long live not just because of the detachable cord, but the overall improvement on the self-noise level.
  • With help of the included arm stand on environment noise, it will give you the clearest streaming or recording experience possible.

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Fifine Metal USB Condenser Recording Microphone kit - T669


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