ThermalHero Thermal Pad NEO Series 100x100x1,5mm


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The Thermal Hero NEO Series Thermal Pads are user-friendly and high thermal conductive (up to 12W/m*k) and low thermal resistant silicon pads.

They have a high cooling performance and with 30 Shore, the NEO Thermal Pads are among the medium soft pads and have a very good compressebility and can fill the irregulations and gaps between the surfaces better than harder Pads, but they are still durable . Due to this soft property, they are easy to process. This feature makes them suitable also for beginners and experts.

It is best suited for applications that require higher cooling performance, such as high-end laptops, graphik cards or gaming consoles, where easy installation and a customizable interface are essential.

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ThermalHero Thermal Pad NEO Series 100x100x1,5mm


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